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Epilace Brno

Welcome to our cosmetic studio where you can expect a professional approach experienced personnel with years of experience in the field. All treatments are carried out by IPL device manufactured by renowned Czech medical technology company with international operations.

Our studio offers these services: permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, chemical peeling, acne treatment, removal of pigmented spots or veins.

♦ Epilation
Photoepilation or hair removal by intense pulse light (IPL) is one of the most effective hair removal methods. This method can remove hair from almost any area of the body. Epilation by IPL has long-term or permanent effect (the hair is removed with the roots). It is very quick and painless method.

The principal of the IPL procedure is selective photothermolysis - absorption of light energy and its subsequent conversion into heat in the target tissue without damaging surrounding tissue. IPL allows the destruction of hair follicle cell, hair then falls out.

This method only works on hair that is in the active phase of its growth, it is necessary to repeat epilation several times to remove hair which is in the resting phase of growth at the time of first treatment. The recommended number of repetitions is individual, usually 4 - 8 (depending on colour and hair type) at intervals of 4-6 weeks. The treatment is very fast, depending on the size of the area you want to epilate, but is usually done within 5-30 minutes.
Four weeks before treatment don´t use any methods of epilation when the hair is pulled out , just shave. 2-4 days before treatment it is necessary to shave the hair (ideally long hair for treatment is 2mm). During 14 days prior to treatment it is not suitable to visit solarium (because of unwanted pigmentation), as well as sun tanning during the 4 days before and after treatment. Epilation in the summer months is possible, the condition is that the hair must be darker than the surrounding skin.

♦ Skin rejuvenation
The resulting effect of photorejuvenation:

■ remodeling and collagen formation
■ skin rejuvenation - firming skin structures
■ brighter skin
■ removal of small veins
■ refine enlarged pores
■ depth skin regeneration

♦ Contraindication
We do not recommend treatment in these cases:

■ pregnancy
■ blood clotting disorders
■ epilepsy with seizures induced by a light flash
■ open wound in the treated area, herpes, acute inflammatory bearings
■ applications at scars malignancies
■ pacemaker
■ prescribed medication where it is forbidden to walk on the sun
■ severe decompensated diabetes
■ hormonal imbalance
■ use of antibiotics
■ greatly irritated skin immediately after sunbathing
■ disease of the retina
■ serious disease of skin and subcutaneous tissue (we recommend consultation with a doctor)

Price list:
♦ Permanent hair removal (Treated Area/Price CZK):

The upper lip 300,-
Chin 400,-
Faces 500,-
Neck 500,-
Between the eyebrows 200,-
Armpit 700,-
Forearm 1500,-
The whole arms 2500,-
Upper back 2200,-
Lower back 2200,-
Shoulders 1400,-
About belly button 500,-
Groin (bikini line) 1000,-
Intimate parts (brazil) 1500,-
Calves 2500,-
Thighs 2500,-
The whole legs 4500,-
Buttock 2000,-
Areola 500,-
Chest 2200,-
Belly 2200,-
Other parts according to the agreement
*Prices valid for 1 to 4 treatment. For further treatment of the parts we offer 50% discount.

Favourable packets with reduced price :

upper lip + chin + armpit 1000,-
upper lip + armpit + groin (bikini line) 1500,-
Armpit + groin (bikini line) 1200,-
Armpit + groin (bikini line) + calves 3200,-
Armpit + intimate parts (brazil) 1700,-
Armpit + calves + brazil 3500,-

If you are interested in the treatment of different parts and you did not find suitable combination, we can offer individual discount.

♦ Removal of veins, moles:

Face 500,-
Neck 400,-
Décolletage 700,-
Face + neck + décolletage 1500,-

♦ Acne treatment:

Face from 500,-
Neck from 400,-
Shoulders 1200,-
Upper back 2000,-

We will be glad if you visit us in our studio at:

Epilace Brno
Bayerova 16
602 00 Brno

Orders: tel. 734 751 794 or email: info@epilacebrno.cz.

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